We make clothes for doers.
Because we know that when you’re dressed well in ridiculously comfortable clothes, you can get to the important stuff.
So get on with it.

Our Values
This is our “important stuff.”
We believe in doing more with less.
In living your life intentionally, with thought and care for the people and the planet around you.
We believe that time outside is good for the body and the mind, and time outside with good people is even better.
We believe in honouring your health, and taking care of it.
We believe that “fashion” is silly, and that real style comes from knowing yourself, and dressing accordingly.
We believe in loving the place you live and the place you work.
We believe that to have the freedom to get on with all that good stuff, you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, how you look and what you can do in the clothes you wear.

That’s why we make the clothes we do.

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